It prevents & relieves discomforts related to vulvar dryness

DERMOXEN GYNABLE Lubricant intimate gel is suggested for prevention and relief of vulvar dryness and the discomfort related. Its formula with Hylauronic acid, Agnus Castus Extract and Panthenol exerts a moisturizing action, by giving softness and elasticity to mucosa and soothing itching, redness, burning and irritation.

Thanks to its lubricant action on external intimate mucosa, Dermoxen® Gynable Vitexyl is recommended also in case of dyspareunia to improve sexual intercourse. It does not stain and leaves no residues.

0% fragrance, paraffine, colouring agents. High tolerance in vitro tested.
Nickel tested (content less than 1ppm. Also residual contents may cause skin sensitization).

apply the gel after the daily intimate cleansing. It is suggested one application a day for 7 days, preferably before going to bed.

the product can be used either as needed, more or less frequently, or to treat states of vulvar dryness, taking care to repeat the

treatment for at least 7 consecutive days, once a day. To maintain the benefits, repeat the treatment preferably every 3 days.

external use. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry and cool place, away from heat sources. Do not use after the expiry date on the packaging or if the packaging is damaged or opened.