DermoXEN project

DermoXEN is an innovative project in the field of intimate hygiene, carried out with total commitment: from the analysis of the origin of raw materials, coming exclusively from European suppliers, and their selection (on the basis of their qualitative purity and toxicological profile), until the achievement of a perfect synergy of the active ingredients in the final formulations. 

DermoXEN is the result of Ekuberg Pharma’s constant commitment to research, development and evaluation of new projects, in order to guarantee safety and well-being to all women in the world. Indeed, all the products have undergone strict in vivo and in vitro tests under the supervision of dermatologists and gynaecologists, among which: dermatological test, in vitro cumulative irritation test on reconstructed human epidermis and on reconstructed vaginal epithelium, Nickel and other heavy metal test, and other specific tests.

The main characteristic of DermoXEN project is social ethics, well-established at all levels of the company: through the complete respect of the person and thanks to the daily exchange with the experts in the medical field, DermoXEN team completely devotes itself to the health of the community in an ethical, responsible and concrete way.

In collaboration with dermatologists and gynaecologists

Partnerships with universities and research centres

Ethical and social responsibility

Multi-focused approach and specificity

Daily attention to the customer

Continuous search for safe and effective solutions