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Intimate cleanser


With natural prebiotic fibres

DermoXEN intimate cleanser 4GIRLS, designed for daily intimate hygiene of prepubertal girls, is recommended as an adjuvant treatment for preventing intimate problems that characterise this period of life. Thanks to its formula with prebiotic fibres, it respects the vaginal pH, typical of this phase of life, with its gentle cleansing action.
Allergen free fragrance.

  • 24-01-03-sito-dermoxen_pezzi_icona_4girl_1senza-parabeni
    Paraben, SLS and SLES free. Dermatologically tested.
  • 24-01-03-sito-dermoxen_pezzi_icona_4girl_2altatolleranza
    Well tolerated on the skin and on the vaginal epithelium.
  • 24-01-03-sito-dermoxen_pezzi_icona_4girl_3testanichel
    Nickel, Chrome, Cobalt, Mercury and Palladium tested.
  • 24-01-03-sito-dermoxen_pezzi_icona_4girl_4contensioattivi
    With naturally derived surfactants. More than 95 % of natural ingredients.
  • 24-01-03-sito-dermoxen_pezzi_icona_4girl_5infarmacia
    In pharmacy

Propolis extracts and Neem oil: help create a hostile environment for “bad” bacteria attacks and provide hydration and relief.

Prebiotic fibres: They favour the normal proliferation of Lactobacilli and protect the delicate vaginal ecosystem of little girls.


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