Dermoxen HYDRA

vaginal ovules

Protect, restore & repair

Dermoxen HYDRA vaginal ovules with moisturizing, protective and soothing action, give relief from irritation, itching, burning and dyspareunia, caused by poor or absent vaginal secretion.

Dermoxen HYDRA vaginal ovules are recommended for:

  • the treatment of vaginal dryness in climacterium and menopause, in the postpartum period, during chemotherapy or ionizing radiation therapy
  • in case of vaginal dryness due to diabetes and stress.

Medical device

  • 24-01-03-sito-dermoxen_pezzi_icona_4girl_1senza-parabeni
    Clinically tested. Paraben and thiazolinone FREE.
  • 24-01-03-sito-dermoxen_pezzi_icona_4girl_2altatolleranza
    In vitro test of tolerance
  • 24-01-03-sito-dermoxen_pezzi_icona_4girl_3testanichel
    Nickel tested
  • 24-01-03-sito-dermoxen_pezzi_icona_4girl_4contensioattivi
    Fragrance, colorant and silicone free
  • 24-01-03-sito-dermoxen_pezzi_icona_4girl_5infarmacia
    In pharmacy

Hyaluronic acid (sodium salt), Vitamin E, lipophilic extract of Aloe Vera, semisynthetic glycerides.

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